Chuwi Hi8 Review

The Chuwi Hi8 is the latest iteration of the Chuwi Vi8. It is very similar in many aspects, but there are improvements such as a Full HD screen and a slightly faster processor. And to top that all off, this costs just $10 more than the Chuwi Vi8. It retails for $100USD at Gearbest but with the coupon code: “CHI8” the price goes down to $91. Continue reading after the break!

Key Specifications
8″ 1920×1200 IPS Display Intel Atom Z3736F Quad Core 1.33GHz
2GB RAM + 32GB ROM 2MP + 0.3MP Camera
Android 4.4.4 Kitkat & Windows 8.1 Bluetooth, Mini HDMI
4000mAh Battery MicroSD card slot, OTG
310g, 207 x 122 x 8mm

Build Quality

The Chuwi Hi8 looks nicer than the Chuwi Vi8 because of the metal band running around the edges. They provide a more premium look, even though the body is made of the same material.

It is a little taller than the Chuwi Vi8 and the same thickness. The size of the Chuwi Hi8 is very comfortable to hold in one hand, and the tablet is light enough that you won’t get tired from holding it.

The power and volume buttons are made of metal as well and have good travel and feedback, high quality buttons in general.

There is also the standard MicroSD slot, MicroUSB slot and headphone jack. This tablet doesn’t have MicroHDMI, which is probably an area where Chuwi decided to cut to save money.

The back of the device has a textured plastic back the exact same as the Chuwi Vi8. While it doesn’t feel like a $500 tablet, the plastic is solid and doesn’t feel bad at all. The plastic doesn’t show fingerprints and is quite durable.

All in all, the tablet feels solid in hand and doesn’t feel too bad, especially for a $90 tablet. The size makes it easy to grip in one hand and the tablet feels solid too. Not bad at all.

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8 thoughts on “Chuwi Hi8 Review

  1. Hi, I just met your site. I’d be interested in buying a non-expensive tablet for playing Hearthstone, and I believe it’s quite hardware requiring. Do you think this could make a good option? Maybe the Vi8 instead? Any other one you would recommend? Thank you in advance!


  2. I have a Hi8 and Loaded the App, DJI go, it worked for a while with my Phantom 3 drone, now all I get is “DJI has stopped”. Any suggestions as to what happened and what can I do to get it working again.


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