Pipo W3f Review

Hey guys, what’s up, and welcome to the review of the Pipo W3f. With a 1080p screen and solid build quality, let’s see how the Pipo W3f stacks up to the Surface 3. You can buy the Pipo W3f for just $165 here: http://goo.gl/5kMHdp

Key Specifications
10.1″ 1920×1200 IPS Display Intel Z3735f Quad Core 1.7GHz
2GB RAM + 32GB ROM 2MP + 5MP Camera
Android 4.4 KitKat Windows 8.1
Bluetooth, MicroUSB, USB, MicroHDMI 628g, 278 x 171 x 8.8mm
7800mAh Battery

Build Quality

The Pipo W3f is a solidly made tablet. Pipo has really designed this tablet to take a beating, at the cost of some other aspects of the tablet, so let’s talk about them.
The size of the Pipo is about average. It isn’t overly large and unwieldy but it also isn’t as compact as iPad air style tablets. On paper, it is quite thick, at 10mm but it doesn’t feel thick at all due to the slight curvature of the edge.

The Pipo comes with the standard power and volume buttons, both of which feel well made and solid to touch.

The back of the Pipo is made of two materials, a metal panel in the middle of the tablet and is surrounded by a rubbery plastic border that gives the tablet a very good grip. The combination of these two materials actually doesn’t feel bad at all and feels pretty good in the hand, and this tablet feels like it can take a beating. However, the rubber and metal do not look nice together and makes the tablet look a little weird. This could be my personal opinion but it honestly doesn’t look very nice. I’m quite satisfied with the build quality of this tablet, it has a good variety of ports including a USB port and is very solid. The only bad thing about this tablet is how it looks, which in my opinion, is quite disjointed.

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6 thoughts on “Pipo W3f Review

  1. Just got this tablet with the matching keyboard. When charging the keyboards track-pad doesn’t work, both windows and android… Is this normal for you?


    • Definitely not, while charging I can use the entire keyboard. However recently my chuwi vi10’s keyboard’s connection if getting worse though, probably because the connector is a little looser


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