Oukitel U8 Review

Oukitel isn’t a well known brand, even in China. They usually make phones for other brands, but they have recently stepped out of their comfort zone and are making self branded phones. Their third smartphone, the Oukitel U8, also known as the Universe Tap, has a one touch unlock/screen on gesture, which I am quite excited about. I predict lazy people will love this feature, more about that later. Not only that, they seem to take great care in packing in some decent specs and build quality possible at it’s low retail price of $140 at Gearbest. With the coupon code “OUKITELU8” the price can be brought down to $130.

Key Specifications
5.5″ 1280×720 IPS Display MTK6735 Quad Core 1.0GHz
2GB RAM + 16GB ROM 13MP + 8MP Camera
Android 5.1 Lollipop GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Bluetooth, GPS, Fingerprint Sensor WCDMA 900/1900
2850mAh Battery FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600
SIM, MicroSIM, MicroSD 198g, 155 x 76.7 x 7.9mm


The Oukitel U8 is in my opinion, very good looking. Everyone I’ve shown this phone to has asked me what brand it is because it looks so good, but then when I say Oukitel, they’re like what? Itis quite compact for a 5.5″ phone. While it’s still not as compact as the positively tiny LG G3, it is about the same size as the Oneplus One and a little smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus. It is quite heavy, almost 40 grams heavier than most other smartphones, but 40 grams isn’t going to kill you or tire you out and is something you quickly get used to so it’s not something to worry about. In addition, the heft makes it feel more premium as well.

The glass also features a 2.5D arc screen. This basically means that the edge of the glass is rounded and matches the contour of the metal bezels, giving you one coninuous round edge, this is mostly an aesthetic feature. The bumper around the entire phone is metal, shiny and is high quality, most likely machined. The metal makes it feel great and look pretty good. However, from some angles, it can look a little too shiny and resembles cheap chrome plastic.

The volume and power buttons are located on the right side of the phone and have great quality as well. The side has a regular SIM card slot, and a single slot that can house either a MicroSIM or MicroSD, and I really don’t like this, as this makes you choose between Dual SIM or expandable storage.

 The back of the device is textured with matte plastic, providing a good grip while feeling good in hand. However, it does attract and show fingerprints quite easily. The back of the phone is not removeable,

While the back of the phone feels good in hand, it does not feel as premium as phones constructed out of aluminum or glass. The speaker grille is also located on the back near the bottom of the phone. The camera and LED flash are located in the middle along the centreline of the phone. However, the camera sticks out from the back of the phone so you have to be careful when placing the phone down. Below the camera is the fingerprint sensor. It is placed correctly so that your finger can reach it properly. The Oukitel Logo is also present, and isn’t too flashy.

Although I have very small hands, I’m slowly getting used to 5.5″ phones, and this one seems to be almost compact enough for me, as I still use a 5″ phone as my daily driver. Objectively, the Oukitel U8 has good build quality, and based on people’s reactions to it in real life, it is very good looking.


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