Syllable D700 Review


I’ve been using this pair of Syllable Bluetooth headphones for about a week now, and they mean business. Well not business business but fun business. This is the Syllable D700, a $20 pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are sweat resistant and stay on your ear very well.

Build Quality

The earbuds are almost all rubber with a little bit of plastic, and it feels really well made. My pair is yellow and black, and adds some street cred because they look sporty. The in line remote is really big as well, more on that later.

The over the ear hooks are comfortable and didn’t cause me any pain at all, and the earbuds can rotate to give you a good seal. They stay in very well if you’re jogging, but if you’re doing this, and this, and this, then not so much. Another thing that I didn’t realize until a few days of using it wsa the orientation of the in line remote. It is positioned so that the volume down is always at the bottom and the volume up is always at the top, so if you have this pair of headphones, you do not have to guess.


Pairing the device was super easy and painless, so easy in fact taht I didn’t even look at the manual and just paired it with no issue. When you power it on it auto pairs to your phone as well. The battery life here is decent, I tested it and I could play back music for about 5 hours before the headphones died

Speaker Quality

So let’s talk about audio quality, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not an audiophile, so if you’re looking for super in depth audio stuff, you might need to go somewhere else. I listen to a moderately wide range of music, pop, choir music, soundtracks. So let’s start with choirs, I listen to quite a bit of this stuff like Handel’s Messiah, oh and all my music is 320kbps. The mids and highs are pretty clear, and it’s detailed enough to pick out individual instruments in the accompanying music.

Let’s move on to pop music. I chose a variety of tracks from Katy Perry, Psy, so pretty much Gangnam Style, and also Meghan trainor’s All about that bass, So , gangnam style and all about that bass, are pretty heavy on bass for pop songs, and the D700s are pretty light on the bass, less so than other earbuds like beats or Sennheisers. But I used the equalizer on Google play and it corrected it. The rest of the songs sound more than good enough for an average person, just remember to pump up the bass on the equalizer.

Let’s move on the last one, soundtracks. I listened to music soundtracks, like stuff from Star Wars, Skyrim, and others. So while I’m no audiophile, I have used expensive in ear monitors frequently and I’ve listened to my uncle’s $20,000 hifi setup, so I know a tiny bit more than the average person. and while generally detailed enough to pick out individual instruments, the soundstage is really narrow. A quick explanation of soundstage, it’s the ability of a pair of headphones to produce depth. A wide soundstage is you standing in front of an orchestra with your eyes closed and hearing the orchestra from all sides, but a narrow soundstage is all the sound coming from one place. 

Audio gets very loud though. So remember the choir songs I listen to, they are super soft? In my car I have to turn the volume up to max to hear these songs properly on the cars speakers. But on the syllable, I can hear these songs no problem at 75% volume while taking my dog for a walk, and I’m about 20-30 meters away from a really busy highway. So while the audio quality is pretty decent, it’s not going to be enough for audiophiles. If you listen to music through Spotify, Google Music, Apple music, or Youtube, the audio quality is more than good enough. If you’re an audiophile, well I’m not sure what you’re doing in a video review about $20 bluetooth sport headphones. But yeah, thank you so much for watching, and have a great day! This is my first review on audio stuff like headphones, earbuds, and I would love to hear your feedback, you know how I could improve on this video, it would be much appreciated, thanks!


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