Teclast X80 Pro Review

This is the Teclast X80 Pro, a Cherry trail 8″ tablet. This is basically the Teclast X80 Plus, except it has a 1200p resolution screen. You get some pretty average specs, 2GB of RAM, dual boot, and it all comes at around $100. It enters a pretty crowded 8″ tablet market, so it’s going to have to either stand out or just be cheaper. Let’s see what this tablet does.

Key Specifications
8” 1920x1200p IPS Display Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8300 Quad Core
2GB RAM + 32GB ROM 2MP + 2MP Camera
Windows 10, Android 5.1 MicroUSB
3800mAh Battery MicroSD card slot, OTG
327g, 208 x 122 x 10 mm

Build Quality

This tablet actually looks like it has quite small bezels around the screen, and that’s partially true. The top and bottom bezels are actually decently small when compared to the Chuwi Hi8. The side bezels though look small but are actually the same size. Weight wise it’s pretty good.

You get the volume and power buttons on the right and a the microSD card on the left.

The back of the tablet is polycarbonate plastic, and it actaully feels pretty decent, it’s actually way better than the glossy non textured plastic on stuff like the Chuwi Hi8. Another thing I like about this tablet is that it’s really sturdy. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to bend or snap on you anytime. My overall build quality impressions? Decent quality, durable, but ultimately still plastic.
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