Jumper EZBook 2 Review

This is the Jumper EZBook 2. I’ve tried my hardest ot put in as many puns on the word jumper as possible. So I beg you, please don’t jump the gun and unsubscribe. OK so the first pun, here we go. Take a look at the specs, nothing really jumps out as outstanding. So why am I so excited for this laptop? Well in my opinion it has one of the most well balanced specs of any laptop or tablet. 1080p screen, 4GBs of RAM, 10,000mAh battery. The specs are strong in all departments, at least in theory. However, specs can tell a different story from the user experience, so before you jump to a conclusion, let me tell you the whole story.

Key Specifications
14” 1920×1080 LED Display Intel Atom Cherry Trail Z5-X8300 Quad Core 1.33GHz
4GB RAM + 64GB ROM 2MP Camera
Windows 10 Bluetooth, MiniHDMI, 2x USB 3.0 port, MicroUSB
10000mAh Battery MicroSD card slot, OTG
1480g, 34.65 x 22.95 x 1.76 cm

Build Quality

This is the Macbook Air 13, except it’s not. You put t hem side by side and the only differences are a small difference in size and the Jumper Logo on the top. The logo even lights up, just like a Macbook, but the light is not very strong, you can barely see it indoors. Let’s talk about the size of the laptop. 3 months ago, I would have been completely happy with how big it is, almost the same size as the Pipo W9s, Macbook Air. But not anymore. I have one friend who has the XPS13 and another friend who has the ASUS UX305, and they are way smaller than this laptop. I understand Jumper wanting to copy an Apple product since Chinese demand for Apple stuff is sky high, but those bezels are huge and honestly makes this laptop look a little dated, but that goes for the macbook air as well. It is thinner than the Macbook Air though. It weighs 1.4kg, that’s more than light enough for me as a guy, but there are much lighter options out there nowadays, like the ASUS UX305.

You get 2 USB ports, one on each side, MicroSD slot, microHDMI and a headphone jack.

Jumper made an interesting design decision here, the lid is made of aluminum, but the body is not, it’s plastic. I can see where they’re coming from, they want the laptop to look nice when you’re carrying it, there’s less metal in the lid, but I honeslty would rather have it the other way around, because now the laptop is a tiny bit top heavy, not as much as 2 in 1 devices, but still noticeable.

There’s a little bit of flex on the screen, but that’s not much of an issue because it’s not a touchscreen either.

Now the keyboard. It’s a chiclet style keyboard and the keys themselves are OK quality, plastic, there is a little flex in the keyboard, but nothing too severe. The typing experience is not bad, I can easily achieve my normal typing speed which is about 60-70wpm. Key travel is pretty shallow, I bottom out fast but the keys are springy and jump back quick. One thing I absolutely love about the keyboard are the full size arrow keys. Literally on every other ultrabook, the arrow keys are super small but here, they are full size. One more thing I love is the extra row of keys on the right side with page up, page down, home end, they come in extremely useful. However, one thing that I absolutely detest is where they put the delete key, right beside the power button. I keep on accidentally hitting the power button instead.

Now the trackpad. Apple products have the world’s best trackpad, hands down. The Dell XPS 13 is actually very close to the Macbook’s trackpad in terms of quality, but not quite there yet. What about this one? Let’s put it this way, for a Chinese laptop, one of the best trackpads I’ve used. When comparing to the Macbook and the XPS? Meh, It handles Windows 10 gestures pretty well, scrolling in Edge is actually really responsive and accurate, almost as good as Safari on the Macbook, but scrolling in Chrome? Less good, but still not bad. If you do get this laptop and I hope you do, I like it a lot, change the mouse scroll settings from 3 to 1, as that makes the scrolling less fast so you can actually control where you end up on the page.

In my opinion I have pretty mixed feelings about the build quality. You have a high quality aluminium lid and then a not so high quality plastic body. In terms of size and weight, well, it’s been a long time since any of us have been blown away by how small and thin the macbook air is. And lastly, the trackpad, one of the best Chinese trackpads around, but pretty average compared to the best in the world. It’s up to you guys whether you like the build quality or not..
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3 thoughts on “Jumper EZBook 2 Review

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    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    -Qasim Ala


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