Vernee Thor Review

I don’t remember a Chinese phone that made such a great first impression on me, but the Vernee Thor definitely did. Hey guys Zi Jin here and this is the Vernee Thor. Vernee as a company is brand new, and this is their very first phone release with an impressive 22,000 preorders, so there really is a ton of interest in this phone. It costs $120 at most places, but at this point you can actually get this phone for $50 if you make a review of it. So I haven’t actually talked about the phone yet, but it has an MTK octacore processor, 3GB of RAM, the latest Android 6.0 OS, and a Gorilla Glass 3 2.5D screen. And considering that you’re paying $120 or even $100 for this phone, it’s an amazing deal. But, in other phones great specs have been let down by poor software and unfinished things, let’s see if the Vernee Thor falls into the same trap.

Key Specifications
5.0″ 1280×720 IPS Gorilla Glass 3 2.5D MTK6753 Octa Core 1.5GHz
3GB Ram, 16GB ROM 13MP + 5MP Camera
Android 6.0 Marshmallow GSM 900/1900/2100
SIM, MicroSIM, MicroSD WCDMA 900/2100
2800mAh Battery FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600
Fingerprint scanner 166g, 142*70.3*7.9mm

Build Quality

Vernee really made such a compelling phone to hold. It’s been a really long time since I’ve found a phone that I just pick up because it feels so nice in hand! It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve reviewed a non metal phone or glass encased phone, and this phone here is matte plastic, but I actually like this more than most glass phones and even some metal phones. The plastic gives you one of the best grips on the phone, it can’t slip out of your hand. But one downside to that is that it occasionally gets stuck in your pocket as you try taking it out.

So this phone is very compact for a 5” phone, about the same size as the Galaxy S7, and roughly the same size as my Xiaomi Redmi 3, but a lot thinner. It actually looks way smaller than it is because of the curves on this phone.

Bezels around the phone aren’t that big, but they aren’t bezelless either. The overall size of the phone is perfect for small handed users like me. Oh and did I mention the 2.5D glass? It just makes this phone look so good.

The buttons are on the right and opening up the back cover you can find the dual sims, microsd and non removeable battery..

The back of the phone looks a little plainer, you have the textured plastic, fingerprint sensor, logo and camera. And this is my first complaint about this phone, the quality control. The back plate I got does not line up with the fingerprint sensor, you can see that the hole was punched out at the wrong spot, so it does’nt line up properly.

This phone is solid, this phone is durable, this phone is light, compact, looks great, feels great, it has everything going for it. Except for the misaligned back plate on my unit, I’ve watched a million other videos and other Thors don’t have this so it might just be me.


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