No.1 G5 Review: Good $20 smartwatches are possible

In an attempt to stand out from the crowd, the No.1 G5 aims to impress by packing in as much as possible into the impossibly low $20 price tag. There’s not a lot of tech that you can buy for $20, maybe an Apple lightning cable or six rolls of colour toilet paper. Thankfully, you get a lot more than six rolls of toilet paper here. It seems almost impossible to determine how No.1 packed in a stainless steel body, a sapphire glass screen, and a 380mAh battery into a $20 device that for all intents and purposes is a full fledged smartwatch. We debate how much lower the price can go on smartwatches but for now, $20 is the bottom of the barrel, but one we are happy to be in. An impossibly cheap smartwatch is useless if it doesn’t perform its intended function, but we are glad to report that this smartwatch delivers, albeit with a few quirks. Continue reading


XY Findit Bluetooth Tracker Review!

The scatterbrained individual will find the XY Find it a useful tool. To the uninitiated, the XY Find It is a Bluetooth tracking tag that constantly communicates with your phone. You can attach it to anything and you will be notified if the tag is too far away. It’s pretty cheap, starting at $30 and features a myriad of tracking features through the companion app and a replaceable battery. Let’s see how well it does.

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