VKWorld VK6735 Review

This is the VKworld VK6735, a low cost phone with some impressive midrange specs. VKworld is a recently formed phonecompany that has just started making phones and this is one of their releases. It has launched against the much anticipated Doogee Y100 Pro, which boasts very similar specs but almost 1000mAh less battery. How does this phone do? Continue watching my review of the VK6735 to find out. Gearbest.

Key Specifications
5.5″ 1920×1080 IPS Display MTK6735 Quad Core 1.2GHz
3GB Ram, 16GB ROM 13P + 8MP Camera
Android 5.1 Lollipop GSM 850/900/1800/1900
SIM, MicroSIM, MicroSD WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100
3450mAh Battery, Fingerprint sensor FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600
SIM, MicroSIM, MicroSD 198g, 143 x 72 x 7.2mm


5″ phones are becoming quite rare these days. This phone is 5″, but it’s actually not very small for a 5″ phone, mainly because the bezels are quite big. Bezels look almost 2mm on each side and 5mm on the top and bottom, but it’s still not too long or wide and can easily be used with one hand. It’s quite slim though at 7mm, just about the same thickness as the iPhone 6s. Even though the bezels are large the phone itself isn’t big enough to be unwieldy. The front of the device is dominated by those bezels, it is the first thing you notice and really makes the phone look less pretty. There are the 3 capacitive buttons at the bottom as well.

The volume and power buttons are located on the sides of the phone and are quite good quality.

 The back cover is plastic, but VKworld has somehow made it feel very close to metal and honestly it feels very good. It feels like brushed metal but yet is still very light. The back of the phone holds the camera, flash, and the VKWorld logo. Removing the backcover reveals the 3000mAh battery, the 2 SIM slots and the MicroSD card slot.

While I am happy that this is a 5″ phone, the bezels are quite big and really do detract from the looks of this phone, so it doesn’t look very nice. However, it does feel just fine in the hand as the matte plastic is a great material, giving you great grip on the phone. The phone is also very light due to plastic being used in most of the phone itself, but it still feels good in hand, mainly because of the metal like plastic back.


21 thoughts on “VKWorld VK6735 Review

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